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We Support Students

Benvenuti a Tutti!  Welcome Everyone!

Through families and fellowship, the Italian Catholic Federation promotes and supports the Catholic faith and its values, encourages apostolic and charitable works, and celebrates our Italian American heritage and the heritages of all our communities.

No upcoming events at the moment

40 Years!

Thank you for supporting  Monterey's ICF for  40 years of  Lenten diners!

Want to be reminded about upcoming events AND get the menu earlier?   Add your name to our mailing list. 



Love Italian culture? It's easy (and inexpensive) to be a member of the ICF. Our monthly dinners are just one of the benefits.  Want to join or renew your membership? Do it here.


Our volunteers serve incredible meals, plan and participate in our events, and make good things happen in our community.  Let us know you're interested in participating!


Donate a dessert for our Lenten dinners, join our federation, give to our scholarship fund, or sign up to volunteer for various events throughout the year. 

In Memorium 

Nino Palma (February 2022)

Jennie Rousch (February 2022)

Marie DiMaggio (March 2022)

Salvatore Toce (April 2022)
Sebastian Billante (May 2022)

Tracy Olsen (May 2022)

Elizabeth Pittman (August 2022)

Francesca Nuovo (September 2022)

Ann Troia (September 2022)

Roger Wells (September 2022)

Carmela Cardinale (October 2022)

Patricia Clark (December 2022)

Joseph Panetta (December 2022)

Norman Haverly (January 2023)

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