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ICF Drill Team, San Jose, 1938

 The Italian Catholic Federation was founded in 1924 by Luigi Providenza, a newspaperman, and Father Alberto Bandini, priest and attorney. Both of these men had a vision of bringing the early Italian American Catholic community together.  United in one faith, and committed to works of charity and youth education, while celebrating  Italian heritage in a variety of social fund-raising events. 

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Santa Rosalia Festival 1948 

ICF's  Mission

The Italian Catholic Federation encourages and promotes faith renewal, apostolic and charitable works, and the preservation of the Italian-American heritage in our communities

The Origin of the Italian Catholic Federation 

The Focus of Branch 36

Monterey’s Santa Rosalia Branch 36 serves to spread Christ’s spirit throughout the Monterey Peninsula.  We provide financial support to our home parish (San Carlos Cathedral), offer academic scholarships for students entering college, and support local community endeavors such as high school athletics. (We believe that clean sports help build a clean community!)  


As Christians, we continue His tradition of love, hospitality, and works of charity as signs of Christ’s peace.  The ICF exemplifies laity’s contribution and participation in the apostolic mission of the Catholic Church.  

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