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Apply online or by mail, see step-by-step instructions below - or call our Financial Secretary, George Leonard, at 831.372.8054.

Dues are $42.00 per adult.  One or more children in the household under age 18 (or age 23 if attending college) may be added as members for $10 (not per child - total membership fee for all children is only $10).

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Fill out the Membership Application. Email it to

Make membership selection (next column), and pay dues online (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover). 

Our Financial Secretary will call or email you to confirm, welcome you to the organization, and give you a brief orientation. 

new membership 

Apply by mail

Fill out the Membership Application.

Make check payable to "Italian Catholic Federation Branch #36" and mail check with application to: 


ICF Branch #36

P.O. Box 2286

Monterey, CA  93942-2286

ADULT Membership is $42

CHILD(REN) Membership is $10 total for one or more children in family.

Renew - BY MAIL

Pay the amount indicated on your renewal notice, make check payable to "Italian Catholic Federation Branch #36", and mail check with renewal notice to:


ICF Branch#36

P.O. Box 2286

Monterey, CA  93942-2286  

(Unfortunately, renewals cannot be paid online at this time, but they may be paid by credit card in person at branch events.


  • Madeline Abramonte

  • James Culcasi

  • Rosine Culcasi

  • Brock Gurundian

  • Mardee Killiam

  • Bella Lofaso

  • Elaine Luke

  • Fr. Efrain Medina


  • Cynthia Monroe

  • Richard Monroe

  • Richard Radley

  • Linda Radley

  • Nice Rice

  • John Ruccello

  • Janet Russo

  • Nicola Scarpello

Hospitalization Plan 

This Insurance plan is the best-kept secret in the ICF - inexpensive and cash benefits paid directly to you!  To join, you must be under age 70, but once enrolled, renewals may continue each year.  JOIN NOW!


Through families and fellowship, the Italian Catholic Federation promotes and supports the Catholic faith and its values, encourages charitable works, and celebrates Italian American traditions with everyone in our community. 

For more information go to


Joe LoManto, President


Italian Catholic Federation

Santa Rosalia Branch

PO Box 2286
Monterey, CA 93942-2286

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